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One of the biggest issues holding me back in my career is my lack of confidence and fear of conflict. David has been able to take my jumbled thoughts and organize them in a manner that allows me to see my career visions more clearly, and beat out that imposter syndrome. I have been feeling more confident at my job as a result, which has included speaking up in meetings with people I am less familiar with, tackling interpersonal conflict when I previously avoided it, and being proud of my contributions to my team. Thank-you David!
Working with Angela was such an invaluable resource in helping me work through a big career transition as well as helping me identify the root causes of what have been holding me back from reaching my goals. Angela's ability to listen deeply and prompt the right questions enabled me to gain more clarity about myself and take concrete steps toward a happier, more productive, and more successful life.
Kishan Patel
Working as an IT professional for 14 years, I've slowly learned the importance of having one and the significant difference it can make for you professionally & personally.

My mentor from Salesforce, David Wu, has dramatically influenced my personal & professional growth at Salesforce. I'm genuinely grateful for his support & guidance throughout my career at Salesforce. I've learned many valuable lessons, and one of the most important ones being: building a network.

David is a genius coach. Through these coaching sessions with him, I see positive results within myself that are helping me look at problems from a completely different perspective, build my confidence up, and feel worthy. I'm starting to look at the situations as learning opportunities that will help me build a better version of my current me. Rediscovering yourself is an arduous process, and you need the support of your family, friends, coach. I'm glad and feel blessed to have the right tools to do that.

I have always wrapped up my sessions feeling confident and with a new set of goals to achieve that keeps me going. Thank you, David, for doing what you do the best! You rock!!!!!!
Kanchan Sannidhanam
Angela is a thoughtful, supportive, and empathetic coach. From her, I learned and adopted valuable methods and approaches. With these tools, I was able achieve meaningful clarity and focus in my personal and professional goals.
Shin San
Working with David has truly been an invaluable experience. Not only has his coaching helped me unlock my personal potential but his guidance as a tenured engineering leader has helped me navigate a difficult, transitionary period in my professional life. David has helped me realize the leader I have within myself. I now feel more confident, energized and motivated to tackle new challenges without any reservations or self doubt.
Working with David has helped me realize that I need to explore different career paths and has given me the confidence to explore a discipline I’ve always been interested in. He’s also helped me confidently navigate conversations with my managers and mentors. In our sessions we focus on setting concrete goals and planning out a schedule which has been incredibly helpful. Our sessions have instilled me with the conviction to commit to a career transition.
Coaches have a mixed reputation in our society. This is so because a few of them –mostly "life" coaches– have given a bad name to the craft, taking advantage of desperate people. However, there is a kind of coach whose advice and guidance can really help someone revamp their career, change it, and fulfill their professional goals. Angela Juang belongs to this group.

I am a career changer. Like many others, during the pandemic, I realized that the professional path I had walked for almost 15 years was not the right for me. I was not satisfied with my achievements and unhappy with the possibilities ahead. I was finishing a Ph.D. but needed to figure out how or if I could be applied outside the field I had been for so long.

Angela Juang showed me all the possibilities I had in front of me. She helped me uncover and understand the industry, the world of techs, social media, and software companies. She encouraged me to explore new horizons, different sectors, and fields and joined me in the task. Through self-reflection, introspection, and energy assessment exercises, Angela made me realize all my skills and abilities and how to translate them into other fields. She allowed me to understand that what I know and have done is useful in different fields and areas. More than that, Angela Juang also helped me see that there were things I still needed to learn and encouraged me to do them.

Thanks to all this, I applied for jobs and had interviews (though for issues beyond our control, they had to stop), and now I am embarked on the adventure of studying an M.S. in Information Science. Most of what I did and accomplished in 2022, both in personal and professional terms, was because Angela coached me. If you need a career revamp, feel stocked, or want to change fields, talk to Angela. She will make a difference.
J. C. O.
Working with David has given me the opportunity to reflect on my preconceived notions about entering the workforce, and has allowed me to realize that I can successfully take on a role in computer science. With our discussions, I have gained a deeper understanding of the different aspects of getting to a CS career (interviews, networking, skills, internship culture, etc.) and how I can navigate this career path in a way that suits me and gives me confidence.
Maddy Chen

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